These systems are able to cater for high-volume call centres that require software to organise enquiries and create a more streamlined experience for both parties.

Usually used throughout customer sales and support departments, contact centre software implements voice menus and guidance to help tackle the mass of incoming and outgoing enquiries. This is all done through IP telephony systems that are able to handle this level of communication.

At UCC, we provide and implement call centre software for businesses both big and small. Whether you’re a contact centre or running a customer support department, our applications can assist your company in creating unified communications for all staff and clients.

With the number of software options increasing constantly, there are multiple options available through our services. Moreover, our staff are equipped with the right knowledge and qualifications to ensure your company is allocated the most effective product for your needs.

Some call centre features

  • IVR
  • Voice IVR
  • text chatbots
  • Voice Chatbots
  • queuing email, Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other social media
  • CRM
  • call back
  • reports
  • live tracking

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