IP Phone Features

Our IP Phones are loaded with features

    • When a customer calls your local or toll-free number they can hear an automated response. The customer can be prompted to enter an employee’s extension, get driving directions to your office or speak to a sales representative. You can have incoming calls go to your front desk first and then be answered by an auto attendant if the front desk is busy or at lunch. The auto attendant can be as simple or as complex as you like.

    • This feature allows you to receive calls at home or on a Mobile Phone which is often used by more than one person. In addition, home and cellular telephones often have personal voicemail greetings which are not appropriate for customers to hear. Call answer security places the customer on hold while the system calls your personal telephone number. In order to answer this call you must enter a two digit code to keep family members or personal voicemail from accidentally accepting the call. If none of your telephone numbers are able to accept the call, then the caller will proceed to the appropriate office voicemail box. This can be a useful feature if you wish to have both your cellular phone and your regular office telephone ring when a customer calls your extension/department.

    • Call Block allows you to easily block your caller ID information from being displayed to the party you are calling.

    • This Feature lets you see who is calling you before you answer. Likewise this allows others to see who is calling them when you make a call. You can set this feature to display your company’s name and phone number to third parties. This information can also be blocked if you do not wish it to be shown when you make a call.

    • Call queues are used when you might have multiple customer calls but only a limited number of staff to answer these calls at any time. For instance you might receive four callers who want to speak with a sales representative but you only have two sales representatives. The first two callers will be connected to your sales representatives and the remaining two callers can remain on hold waiting for the next available representative. Once a sales representative is free they will receive the next caller. This feature has many different options which fit your business needs.

    • Call Screening asks callers to say their name before being connected to your extension or department. This feature can sometimes be useful for busy executives who do not wish to be bothered while they are busy. Alternatively you can use do not disturb to send callers directly to your voicemail.

    • While callers are waiting to be connected to a department or are waiting on hold for the next available representative, they can hear music or promotional messages. You can also use your telephone to place a caller on hold at any time during a conversation. You can either choose out default music selection or promotional message of your choice. Many companies use the opportunity of a customer on hold to tell that customer more about their products or different ways the products can be used.

    • It is common for customers to forget the extension number of an employee, with the Dial-By-Name directory customers can enter the first or last name of an employee and they will be transferred to them immediately.

    • A voicemail notification lets an employee or group of employees immediately know when a new voicemail has been left for them even if they are not in the office. This feature lets you specify an e-mail address, Mobile Phone or smartphone which will be notified as soon as a new message has been left. You will be able to see who left the message, how long the message is and when the message was left.

    • The message waiting indicator is a light which flashes on your business phone whenever you have a voicemail waiting for you. You will also hear a broken dial tone when using the telephone which lets you know that you have a message waiting. You can check voicemail in a variety of ways including via email, on your phone or by calling your main number from an outside telephone line.

    • Find-Me lets you select multiple locations where you should be reached when someone calls you. If you were to specify a cell phone, your office business phone and a telephone at another branch office the system will call all these telephones at the same time. This allows you to always be able to receive your business calls without having to worry about specifying where you are currently located. Follow-Me is similar except that the system attempts to reach you at each location in order, one at a time. For instance a customer would be put on hold while the system attempts to reach you at each location in order, one at a time. An example would be a customer on hold while the system first calls your office phone and then if there is no answer tries your Mobile Phone.

    • When a new voicemail is left for an employee they can be notified in a number of different ways to make sure they return the call promptly. You can receive voicemail notification via email, mobile, smartphone and on your telephone (message waiting indicator). Voicemails can also be received as attachments in your email box which you can listen through your computer. There are a number of other ways to check your voicemail messages, such as on your telephone by pressing the message button or calling your main telephone number from any regular phone.

    • Employees can work from anywhere with Office Talk phones such as at home, on their Mobile Phone, at a hotel or another office. Calls can be sent to multiple locations at once giving you the opportunity to pick up the call no matter where you are at the moment. For instance you might have your Mobile Phone and office phone ring whenever someone calls your extension or department, and you can answer which ever phone is convenient for you at the time. There are no limits to how far employees can be from each other, with our solution you could create a virtual office of employees across the country and they will still be able to transfer calls to each other as if they were in the same office. Employees can also call each other by dialing the appropriate extension over any distance without incurring long distance charges.

    • A live extension transfer allows you to transfer callers from one employee to another. You can transfer calls to other employees or anyone using a regular telephone. For instance you may wish to transfer a customer to a technician at one of your suppliers. The geographic distance between employees does not matter, you can transfer a customer to another employee who is across the country from you or working from home for the day.

    • UCC is completely virtual allowing you to connect multiple offices together as if they were one. This means you can dial employee extensions directly as if they were in the same office as you and it doesn’t matter how far the offices are from each other. You can also have different local phone numbers for each office but customers can still reach employees at other offices no matter which number they dial. This feature also allows you to have employees working from home who might be sales representatives in different regions of the country yet they might have local phone numbers for that region. The virtual nature of UCC lets you connect all these offices together so that your company can function as one cohesive entity.

    • A single employee or group of employees can act as the operator for various departments of the entire company. When a customer calls your main phone number the call can be answered by an operator or if they are busy the auto attendant will answer the phone after a certain number of rings. Anytime a customer needs help or wants to speak to someone immediately they can press 0 to be connected with someone who can help direct their call.

    • Traditional telephone systems only allow you to receive a limited number of calls based on how many physical telephone lines you have installed at the office. This generally results in customers not being able to get through when all the phone lines are in use. Office Talk USA is a virtual telephone system and allows you to expand your capacity quickly and easily.

    • You can choose to have any number of local or toll free numbers (call for pricing) using our service. You could have local numbers in specific regions where you do business so that customers do not need to call you long distance. You can choose different phone numbers for different offices, employees, or products which all have their own unique greetings and features. Toll-free numbers can be used to create a national hotline which customers can call free of charge to reach your company. If your office moves to a new location you can take all your phone numbers with you even if you move a long distance away from your current location.

    • A virtual local number allows you to have a telephone presence in a local city without having to be physically located there. For instance you could setup a local phone number in Sydney, yet have an office in Brisbane. This allows your customers to call you locally even though you may answer the phone in Brisbane. You can use this feature to create virtual offices across the country. Each phone number can be setup to have different greetings or sent to different departments while still being connected to your office.

    • Conference calling is used to connect many different people together so that you can hold team meetings, training programs or demonstrations with many people at once from your phone. While in a conference call each person is able to speak to the group and vice versa. You can also use this feature to host sessions in which callers can join your conference call but can only listen to you make a presentation.

    • Conference calling is used to connect many different people together so that you can hold team meetings, training programs or demonstrations with many people at once from your phone. While in a conference call each person is able to speak to the group and vice versa. You can also use this feature to host sessions in which callers can join your conference call but can only listen to you make a presentation.

    • Online call reports allow you to use a web browser to see a list of what calls have been received or made to your organization. This feature can be used to track who has contacted your company and how long each employee is spending on the telephone.

    • Departmental ring groups allows multiple people in a department to receive incoming calls at the same time. If a customer was trying to contact the sales department you could have any number of phones ring at once and whoever picks up the phone first will answer the call. This feature is useful when you have multiple people who normally handle incoming calls for a department and can be used over any geographical distance. You can have employees working from home and at the office who might answer incoming calls when someone calls the sales department.

    • The hallmark of a good office telephone solution is a powerful voicemail system and UCC delivers nothing less. Each employee in your organization will have their own mailbox and you can create mailboxes for specific departments or products. Each employee can record their unavailable greeting and store an unlimited number of voicemails.

    • An automated information centre is pre-recorded information that you wish to make available for customers 24 hours a day. For instance many companies allow callers to get driving directions to get to their office, hours of operation, information on products or services or details on special promotions. You can use this feature to promote a special offer you have available. Callers will sometimes call after your office closes and want to know what time you will be open the next day and how to get there.

    • With this feature you can choose to route calls differently based on what day or time of day it is. For instance you may want your Mobile Phone to ring with your office phone at the same time after 5pm. When someone dials technical support you may wish to direct calls to Mobile Phones after the office is closed.

    • A direct phone number can be setup for employees who wish to be contacted directly without having to call the company’s main phone number and enter an extension or department. When someone calls this direct phone number they will be connected to the appropriate person immediately or get their voicemail if they are unavailable.

    • You have the choice to have different greetings and options depending on the time of day. For instance callers could be greeted by a message saying “Thank you for calling, our office is now closed…” and if a caller wishes to contact the sales department they would be told that the sales department is closed and that they should leave a voicemail.

    • Call forwarding lets you forward your extension to a Mobile Phone, regular phone, or to another employee. For instance when you leave the office for lunch you may want to forward your extension to your Mobile Phone so you don’t miss an important call. Instead of your office telephone ringing your Mobile Phone will ring instead.

    • Do not disturb lets you place your phone in DND mode so that any calls to your extension are automatically sent to voicemail. This is a useful feature if you are busy meeting with a customer and do not want to be interrupted.

    • Features: Place callers on hold, Basic on-hold music included, Supports caller ID display and logging, Includes a phone book with quick dial configuration, Integrates with Microsoft Address Book, Features Commercial Version Only, Call transfer, Phone call recording, Do Not Disturb, Push to talk intercom, Call conferencing for up to 6 people, Making and Receiving Calls.

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