A complete, cloud hosted PBX phone and fax system for your business. All for one low price. It’s all included, really!

  1. Unlimited calling & faxing in Australia
  2. No STD charges
  3. No Calls to Mobile Charges
  4. Voice over IP digital line for each user
  5. One direct dial local number for each user
  6. Voicemail for each user, with email and mobile app delivery
  7. Advanced call management features
  8. Auto-receptionist & company dial-by-name directory
  9. Customizable call answering & call forwarding rules
  10. 24×7 Technical support
UCC Hosted PBX phone system

UCC offers

Remote employees
and multiple office locations

  1. Location independent setup
  2. Cloud based phone system
  3. Extension dialling
  4. Call transfers

Employees who travel
for work in the field

  1. Call forwarding to any phone
  2. RingOut – make calls with your UCC number from any phone
  3. Smartphone apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry

Department for Sales,
Customer Service etc

  1. Department extensions and voicemail boxes
  2. Call distribution can be in simultaneous, sequential or rotating order
  3. Custom on-hold experience with music and announcements

business features

  1. Voicemail to email and mobile text message alerts
  2. Company greeting and dial-by-name directory
  3. Custom answering rules (business hours, after hours, holiday)

How it works

With our Cloud Hosted PBX you’ll never miss another call – unless you want to 😉

Whether you call it a cloud-based, VoIP, or a hosted PBX solution, in a nutshell, it means the phone system lives in our data centers and is delivered to you over the Internet.

Give your small or medium business the flexibility and professional image of a Fortune 500 company.

Connect everyone in
one phone system

  • Connect multiple offices and remote employees in one office phone system.
  • Share your presence status – busy, available or on hold – with your admins and colleagues.

Manage your phone system
with just clicks

  • Manage settings online with uniquely simple controls.
  • Touch manage settings on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Manage all locations and users from one account.

Set up to work the way
your business does

  • Customize user and department call handling rules.
  • Change flexible call and fax routing rules anytime.
  • Set custom business hours for any user or department.

You decide
what phones to use

  • Use our Plug & Ring preconfigured desk and conference VoIP phones.
  • Turn your smartphone or tablet into business phones with free apps.
  • Take and make calls on your computer with a softphone.


Our cloud based hosted PBX solution has all the features that a small or medium business needs

What is UCC Hosted?

UCC Hosted is a cloud based office phone system that eliminates expensive on-premise equipment, provides IP phones and delivers enterprise-class functionality.

Managed Service Option

As your Authorized IPFX Dealer, UCC offers a convenient Managed Cloud Phone – system administration service with dedicated customer support. With this optional service, you can focus on running your business and let us take care of network monitoring, adding or moving employees, updating greetings and routing rules, or changing office phones.

What do you get with UCC?

  • More power than a traditional office phone system
  • One unified system for multiple office locations and mobile employees
  • Unparalleled ease of use – simple touch interface
  • No PBX equipment to buy or expertise needed
  • Ultimate mobility and access from anywhere online, or from your smartphone or tablet
  • No risk – reliable service with 24×7 technical support

Call and Fax Management

    • Configure the way callers reach individual extensions. Direct callers to extensions, alternate phone numbers, and voicemail based on date and time, date range and callers’ phone numbers, as well as the number they dial (if you have more than one).
    • Designate a group of employees to answer calls for departments such as sales or billing. Calls to that department will be placed on hold until one of the department members can take the call. Use music on hold to entertain customers while they wait.

    • Dial internal extension numbers to connect with coworkers quickly, no matter where they’re physically located. It works from any UCC Office phone, softphone, or Mobile App.

    • Forward calls from your UCC number to your mobile, home, or office phones. You can also use call forwarding to direct calls to employees, partners, and departments around the country.

    • Conference up to 30 callers on any phone with UCC Call Controller.

    • Transfer calls to any extension in your company, or to any 10-digit number outside your business phone system.

    • See who’s calling you before you answer the phone with Inbound Caller ID. When you make calls, customize which number you want the recipient to see on their display by using Outbound Caller ID.

    • Have your UCC auto-receptionist announce incoming callers’ names with the option to accept, reject, or send them to voicemail. You can also block calls.

    • A record of your calls and faxes is stored in your online account. You’ll see who called, the phone number they called from, the time and date they called, and the duration of the call.

    • Record calls from any device used to take or make calls on your UCC system, even your mobile phone.

    • Park calls in the cloud and retrieve from any phone in your business. Park up to 50 calls simultaneously – both inbound and outbound calls.

    • Make one-way announcements over IP phones and overhead paging devices. Reach colleagues in any office location.

    • For quick one-to-one hands-free conversations. Easily announce parked calls and visitors or deliver quick messages. Easily customize your settings to determine who can contact you.

Cloud Fax / Internet Fax

    • Send and receive faxes by email and online.

    • Receive faxes as PDF email attachments, or in your Mobile App on iPhone, iPad, Android, or BlackBerry.

    • You can preview and print faxes, design custom cover sheets, and annotate and sign your faxes electronically.

    • Connect your existing fax machine to your UCC service with an analog adapter.

Business Phone System

    • Use your Auto-Receptionist to greet callers and route them to any employee, any department, or any phone in the world. Customize the greeting for your company. For example, “press 1 for sales, press 2 for customer support, press 3 for shipping information ...”

      When a customer calls, play an announcement, take a voicemail, or ring office, mobile, or home phone numbers in any order. The choice is yours.

    • Manage your UCC voice and fax messages with Visual Voicemail all with a single click.

    • Provide a list of departments and employees to callers, accessible by first or last name.

    • Accommodate local and satellite offices and employees—wherever they are—with a flexible extension structure. Accept faxes and use answering rules to block, screen, and route calls through an easy-to-use interface.

    • Take voicemails with advanced features like greetings, multiple delivery options, and alerts. Retrieve voice messages online or have them delivered to you by email. Play them on your PC speakers or listen to them over the phone.

Reliable Phone Service

    • Use just one number for both voice and fax communication. Our cloud hosted PBX will automatically handle the call correctly – and save you money!

    • Click a number from the Call Controller and UCC will connect the party to your phone. Choose any of your UCC numbers as the outgoing Caller ID.

    • UCC Office also includes free unlimited calls to Local, STD and Calls to Mobiles (Overseas calls are chargable.)

    • Get low, competitive international long distance rates and do business globally.

UCC Mobile Apps

Make VoIP calls over GSM calls, 3G, 4G, 5G data or WiFi on your iPhone and Android without using minutes from your wireless carrier plan. Receive inbound VoIP calls on Android and/or iPhones

Change your call handling rules, your voicemail greetings, even add users, from wherever you are. Access your calls, voice messages, and faxes while on the go. Download the UCC app for your smartphone for FREE. It’s the perfect companion to your UCC hosted PBX office phone service.

Manage your entire UCC office phone system from your mobile phone.

  • Show your UCC business number as your Caller ID when you make calls from your smartphone.
  • Receive, view, and forward internet faxes right from your smartphone.
  • Make VoIP calls over Wi-Fi or 3G on your iPhone and Android without using minutes from your wireless carrier plan.
  • Access your company directory separately from your personal contacts.
  • Receive inbound VoIP calls on Android.

UCC Call Controller™ with Softphone

Make Outgoing Calls

When you add a VoIP digital line to your UCC Call Controller, you get UCC Call Controller with Softphone. This softphone gives Call Controller the ability to make outbound calls directly from your PC — all you need is a headset.

You can also use the RingOut function with call controller without a separate digital line.

Other Call Controller Features
  • Screen calls
  • Route calls on the fly, with a single click
  • Send callers text-to-speech messages in real-time
  • Interrupt callers leaving a message
  • Record calls
  • Send and receive faxes
  • Easy access to voicemail and fax messages
Business Class IP Phones

Purchase competitively priced IP Phones designed specifically for cloud-based business phone systems.

Recommended IP Phones

Our featured SIP compliant business VoIP phones from Polycom® and Cisco® are delivered to you preconfigured with phone numbers and extensions — simply plug your phones into your router and make calls instantly. All phones come with a one year warranty.

We’ll look after you.

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